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ICIMTR 2012 @ Malacca, Malaysia May 23, 2012

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I presented a paper at the International Conference on Innovation, Management and Technology Research 2012 which was held at Equatorial Hotel, Malacca, Malaysia on 21-22 May 2012. My paper was entitled “ICT Adoption by the Malaysian High Courts: Exploring the Security Risks Involved”. The paper essentially explores the possible security risks which could arise from the adoption of ICT at the Malaysian High Courts along the lines of the basic security control requirements of authentication, non-repudiation, privacy control, data integrity and confidentiality risks.

Click here to see the presentation which was prepared using the Prezi platform.


Informative and successful ICPL 2011 by the Law Faculty, UiTM December 14, 2011

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I was one of the presenters during the first parallel session on the first day of the ICPL 2011 which was organised by the Law Faculty of UiTM Shah Alam on 13-14 December 2011. The paper is entitled “The rise of the machines: Courting security risks in the courts” and aims to highlight the security risks of the adoption of ICT in the courts along the lines of the basic security control requirements. The international conference attracted 41 papers from local and international participants in various areas including environmental, technology, cyber, banking, humanitarian, etc. All in all, the organisers deserve many pats on their backs for their hard and diligent work in preparing and carrying out the event. (more…)

Great Event by UKM Research Team July 15, 2011

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I attended a conference on 14th of July, 2011, organised by the UKM Research Team called “Transformation of Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in Malaysia” with focus on the development of e-court system in Malaysia, its benefits and challenges. The discussion by the panelists was overwhelming, and very informative, especially that the entire session was filled with discussion on the different applications of e-court system in Malaysia, the problems encountered, as well as the achievements to date. The penelists represent views from the civil court, the Shariah court, the AG Chambers, the Malaysian Bar Council as well as the Jabatan Peguam Shar’ie Malaysia.

Congratulations to the organisers for the successful event!