More Efforts by the Malaysian Judiciary

More and more efforts could be seen initiated by the Malaysian judiciary towards speedy disposal of cases and clearance of the backlog of cases. And yet again, the role of technology is hailed for the movement of such efforts. This is definitely an encouraging situation for both the judiciary as well as the public in welcoming the benefits and challenges of technology.

New Civil Court From October 1

Friday September 24, 2010
(c) The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: The New Civil Court, or NCvC to be operational from Oct 1, will be launched by Chief Justice Tun Zaki Tun Azmi at the Kuala Lumpur court complex in Jalan Duta at 10am today.

The court, to be based at the High Court Civil 8, is located on the third floor of the court complex.

The NCvC has been set up to streamline the expeditious disposal of cases in tandem with the setting up of the New Commercial Court here.

NCvC aims to dispose of all cases filed within nine months.

“All documents filed will be electronically scanned into the computer with the aim of going paperless in the near future,” said a court pamphlet.

The court will cater and dispose of all civil applications or suits within the jurisdiction of the civil court here filed after Sept 30.

“All files opened in this court differ in colour from those of the existing civil court (referred to as the Original Civil Court,” it stated.

The Original Civil Court will continue to function until all cases filed prior to Oct 1 are disposed of.

The pamplet explained that there will be a total of six judges assigned to NCvC.

“They will take up their positions in pairs of two at an interval of three months. The first pair of judges will be Justice Harmindar Singh Dhaliwal and Judicial Commissioner Dr Prasad Sandosham Abraham.

The existing Managing Judge of the Civil Division will also be in charge of the NCvC. There will be a Managing Registrar of the NCvC and Siti Noraida Sulaiman has been appointed to the position.

The judges in the Original Civil Court, unencumbered by any new cases (since these will be handled by the NCvC), are expected to dispose of all pre Oct 1 cases within two years from the date of the setting up of the New Civil Court provided the existing number of judges in those courts is maintained.

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