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How secured is cloud computing? March 18, 2012

Posted by Ani Munirah in General, risks.
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I trust everybody is familiar with Dropbox, SugarSync or any other cloud services. Talk about your email services like Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo or your corporate emails. What about the data servers which store your information on the cloud (whether transmitted through or stored on the cloud)? How sure are you that your data is secured?

Five security experts got together at the 2012 Kaspersky’s IT Security for the Next Generation Asia Pacific & MEA Cup Hong Kong to discuss about the future trend of cloud computing and its vulnerabilities. The future beholds that cloud computing will only develop more exponentially, rather than become smaller. More and more people adopt the cloud way of storing and transmitting data and works, despite the fact that cloud computing is exposed to security risks and challenges.

Security experts discussing on the vulnerabilities of cloud computing

Well… Admittedly ICT is all the time a double edged sword. At one end it provides benefits and advantages, at the other end it produces risks and challenges. The question is how far are you willing to go? Say for example, keeping money under your pillow could be an option, while another option is to keep it at the bank for better interest rates, security etc. But if you keep it at the bank, some robbers might come and take that money away. And you cannot blame the bank because it has complied to all security standards for the industry. But you still keep the money in the bank anyway, because the benefits and advantages outweigh the risks and challenges.

So coming back to cloud computing. Yup, you can save your works on your pen drive and carry it along all the time to be used when you need it. Maybe that’s more secured. But you can also save your works onto Dropbox for convenience and back up purposes.

It’s all a question of balancing.


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